Robert Randall, San Diego Fitness Videographer & Director Shoots For Funktional Fitness

San Diego Fitness Photographer and Director Robert Randall Productions was recently hired to produce a new promotional fitness video for Funktional Fitness in Yorba Linda, CA. The client was working with a tight budget so we really had to be creative and work quickly to get everything they wanted in a single day. Also, given the time constraints we had to work with available light. The gym was relatively dark through out which the Nikon D750 with a Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4 G and the DJI Ronin S Gimbal handled beautiful. The great part about this project is that other than the owner’s (Edgar Zunigabravo) dialog (which was scripted) we had free reign to shoot and edit it how we wanted.

Edgar’s wife and clientele put in a full day working out for us to be able to get enough content for the shoot. Everyone was incredible and the video came out great.

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